Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Event: Eat. Write. Love. - A Food Writing Workshop

Writer’s Block Philippines is cooking up something special for you on October 16–and our chef is excited to have you over!

Giney Villar, Executive Chef of Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant, is looking forward to having friends and kindred spirits over for Eat, Write, Love, Adarna’s event collaboration with Writer’s Block Philippines.
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A passionate foodie who documents Filipino food and Church architecture during her travels, Giney earned her Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship from the American Hospitality Academy.

She regards Adarna as “an expression of our ‘culinary nationalism’.”

“Together with Beth (Angsioco, the other half of Adarna’s dynamic duo), we are doing our bit to promote appreciation for traditional Filipino food and heritage conservation.”

During the workshop, she will talk about the labor of love that Adarna is, the different authentic flavors that comprise its sumptuous smorgasbord, and the drive for authenticity in preserving and promoting our very own culture and culinary heritage.

She says that if she were left on an island “and could only be served five things for an entire month, [I] will opt for a vegetable salad with plenty of romaine lettuce, agedashi tofu, fruit and nut salad, yang chow (veges and eggs only, no meat),  and CHOCOLATE.”

If ever you are free during this date, join the event we are going to learn how to write better and enjoy the foods.

Until the next foodtrip. Keep on eating.

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