Thursday, September 2, 2010

Street Foods: Kwek Kwek

Kwek Kwek is one of my favourite street foods. I used to have them for lunch, snacks and dinner during my college days. So I’m very familiar with the taste of Kwek Kwek. But actually the secret of tasty Kwek Kwek is in the sauce. Usually Kwek Kwek is best partnered with vinegar sauce and sweet and spicy sauce same with the one for fishballs. There are also stalls that serve Kwek Kwek with diced cucumbers to be added in your sauce of choice. Talk about extenders. But the best Kwek Kwek I ever tasted was the one beside Mapua. It’s served with mayonnaise. The combination of their sweet and spicy sauce and mayonnaise creates a unique rich taste. I really wanted to go back to Mapua just because of the Kwek Kwek.
Kwek Kwek
The above picture is from a Kwek Kwak stall in Alabang in front of Jollibee. Their Kwek Kwek have the traditional vinegar and sweet and chili sauce. They also have the diced cucumber as extender.

Until the next foodtrip. Keep on eating.


DeejSpeaks said...

WOW! I also love to eat kwek kwek. Unfortunately, now can't. =|

I love it with vinegar, chili, and sliced cucumber.

Gee said...

wow, kakamiss naman nyan. makapagresearch nga ng kwek kwek recipe...

quattro said...

@deejspeaks - why you can't? your missing the fun :)

@gee - madali lang yan. gusto ko nga kwek kwek na blue gawin eh hehehe

Kwek Kwek said...

Kwek kwek is also one of my favorite street food way back in college until today! I miss the foodtrip ng Sta Mesa!

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