Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.: Dear Darla

The first time I saw this on TV, I told myself that I will definitely try this. But it took me eternity before I had to taste this one of a kind pizza. But luckily, when I got a chance to try Dear Darla, I had to share it with someone so special. It is also her first time to eat at Yellow Cab.
Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Dear Darla
Dear Darla is classic thin-crust pizza loaded with a special blend of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, black olives, onions, mushrooms, capers and pepperoni. What make it different from other pizza? The addition of fresh alfalfa sprouts and arugula leaves. Its name came from the name of the characters in the movie Little Rascals – Darla and Alfalfa.

The addition of arugula and alfalfa make this pizza very healthy. You can get Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and calcium in arugula and antioxidant from alfalfa.
Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Dear Darla
Another interesting thing with this pizza is the way you eat it. What we did is spread the arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts on top of the pizza. Take a slice and roll it like a lumpia or a burrito.
Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Dear Darla
Now the taste, the arugula leaves added a somewhat bitter taste but it was complimented by the refreshing taste of the alfalfa sprouts. The additional crunch of the fresh vegetables in this pizza is what I really like. The taste of the pizza, like other pizza of Yelllow Cab, superb and fresh.

Until the next foodtrip. Keep on eating.


Alisa said...

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quattro said...

thanks alisa.

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Anonymous said...

swabe super sarap sya promiz!u must try!!!for sure babalik balikan mo...<3

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