Monday, August 23, 2010

Tutti Frutti: Frozen Yogurt

One of my girlfriend’s favourite desserts is frozen yogurt. I’m not a fan of yogurt when I was a kid, for me it tastes like sour milk. But with the flavoured yogurt currently available in the market, I’ve learned to appreciate this healthy snack.

Tutti Frutti is one of the yogurt parlor that we’ve tried. At Tutti Frutti, you will be given a paper bucket to fill with frozen yogurt. Then you have to choose from a wide variety of toppings that ranges from fresh fruits, candies and rice crispies. After you fill your bucket, it will be weigh to determine how much you will be paying. Fair enough.

Here is the bucket of frozen yogurt topped with peaches and kiwi slices that my girlfriend enjoyed during our stay at Tutti Frutti.
Frozen Yogurt topped with Peaches and Kiwi
Yogurt is not just a delicious snack, it has great health benefits. It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B 12. When yogurt is compared to milk, yogurt contains more calcium and protein because of the added cultures in the yogurt.

Until the next foodtrip. Keep on eating.


just simple thoughts said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog. I also want to try the frozen yogurt at Tuttu Frutti...I hope we can drop by at their shop this afternoon. :)

quattro said...

you really have to try it. it's very refreshing and healthy

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