Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Cooked: Spaghetti and Lumpiang Shanghai

It’s already three weeks since my girlfriend and I moved to a new apartment near our office. Since then, I’m looking forward every weekend to go home and taste my mother’s dishes, which I really miss. Since most of the time we are stuck with canteen food every weekday, the home cook dishes of my mother is like seasonal dishes that can be served once in a blue moon.

These are the specialty of my mother that I really miss. Since these are cooked only every time that there is an occasion in our home.
Spaghetti and Lumpiang Shanghai
I really miss the blend of sweet and sour taste of her Spaghetti. Perfectly cooked noodles. Not soggy, but aldente. The chunks of hotdog and ground beef. Partnered with Lumpiang Shanghai that is crispy in the outside and juicy in the inside. Thinking of it while writing this makes me crave more. Will definitely request this for this weekend’s mirienda. :)

Until the next foodtrip. Keep on eating.

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